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Aboriginal Links Page
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First Nations Sites
001 - Northern News Discussion Board  - Not really a Native site... but good insights into Yellowknife NWT.. a public board brought to us by Northern News Service
001 - Nuanvut Political Discussion Forum  - Nunavut (Canada's Eastern Arctic Territory) Lots of what's happening in the capital, local chatter too..
A Line in the Sand (Native issues - mostly US)  - Interesting cultural discussion site
Aboriginal Film & Video Arts Alliance (at the Univesity of Calgary, Alberta, Canada)  - Sometimes this URL is off line it seems..
Aboriginal Studies WWW VL  - A very good resource site out of Oz
AMMSA - Aboriginal news and information!  - This is worth a visit or two...
AMMSA's Aboriginal Links - links to Aboriginal Sites  - Links.. links....
Arctic Circle  - An excellent international Arctic studies site. Good for hard research.
Bill's Aboriginal Links  - An excellent example of the good work that can be done by just one guy interested in one topic....
Canada First Nations  - Had an interesting surf the last time I visted here...
Canadian First Nations: NATIVE AMERICAN and INUIT
CKRK - KAHNAWAKE MOHAWK RADIO - K103 103.7 FM  - The radio station for the Mohawk people south of Montreal. K103 KAHNAWAKE 103.7 FM
Discussion Boards on Native Issues  - Cultural property includes not only land and other tangible property, but ideas, traditions, and other non-tangibles. Several discussion lists.. no subscription necessary.
Government of the Northwest Territories Homepage  - (not quite a native site, but.....) Has search for government employee's phone # & e-mail.. and the traditional (& well done) tourist links. (the College in Labrador)  - Not available when tried today
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet  - 1/20/99 Note: As Geocities will no longer allow the use of link checking robots on their site(s), and the extreme overuse of scripts and popup windows at Geocities plays havoc with hand checking and reasonable browsers, I will no longer guarantee that links to Geocities sites are valid. They will not be checked. In fact, I am very close to removing all links to Geocities sites from this index (all pages) unless the pages have great redeeming value.
Indgeniouse People's NativeWeb  - Includes a Jobsearch site Resources An extensive listing of resources for Indigenous people and nations around the world. Books & Music Hundreds of Books, Cassettes and CD's categorized and linked to NativeTech Disconnect the term "Primitive" from perceptions of Native American technology and art. Abya Yala Net Information on Indigenous peoples in Mexico, Central, and South America. Communities Message boards, white pages, jobs, events and more! Site Map A detailed listing of all major sections of NativeWeb. Contact Us Information on URL submissions, questions, suggestions and feedback. Logging In To submit a URL, or post in the Events Calendar and Message Boards, obtain a login id.
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada / Affaires indiennes et du Nord Canada  - The government of Canada's position on things Northern and Indian
Indigenous Peoples' Web Ring  - Indigenous Peoples' Web Ring... 107 members in this webring as of this day
Innu Nation/Mamit Innuat WWW Site  - Innu Nation PO Box 119 Sheshatshiu, Labrador, Canada AOP 1M0 tel: 709-497-8398 fax: 709-497-8396
Inuvialuit Communications Society  - WHO ARE WE AND WHAT IS OUR VISION OR MANDATE? "To improve communications for the benefit of the Inuvialuit within the Western Arctic through the print and electronic media, in written or spoken word, in the languages of Inuvialuktun and English." Memeber TVNC & APTN
Isuma Productions Iglolik  - A private video production and training centre... most northern in Canada I think...
La piste amérindienne / The Native Trail  - Welcome to the universe of the First Nations and Inuit in Quebec. We've got our site up and officialy online as of 02.05.99.
Labrador Inuit Association  -  About Labrador Inuit Departmental Index Mineral Development Our History LIA's Affiliates Media Releases Contact Information Publications
Leo Ussak Elementary School on Baffin Island, Nunavut (Canada's Eastern Arctic)  - Welcome to Leo Ussak Elementary School! The "Coolest" School in Canada's Arctic and the first school in Canada's Arctic on the WWW!!! Meet our staff and visit our very special school. Frequently Asked Questions Read our school newsletter in English Read our School Newsletter in Inuktitut Our Students' Gallery Learn about Leo Ussak Where are we anyway?
NATIVE LINKS SOURCES  - There are so many -- more than 500 at last count -- indigenous people's web sites that I'm not attempting to link-to all. Instead, here are several thorough indexes or catalogs that try to be complete. Many sites/pages are linked-to on my other pages, categorized by subject-matter and with certain of their pages "picked out".
Makivik Corporation (the Inuit of Arctic Quebec's umbrella organization)  - The major Inuit Corporation under the James Bay Agreement... for all of Nunavik.
MdM - "Les Inuit" - français  - Les Inuit Canada - Groenland - Alaska - Siberie (Langue) (Musique) (Contes & Légendes) (Art) (Cartes) (Organisations) (Politique) (Les Inuit & Internet) (Livres) (Photos) (Divers) (Projets)
Namminersornerullutik Oqartussat  - Greeland home rule site ? Not an english site. I do not recognize the language.
NAPE Aboriginal Links - Canada's Source for Native Sites  - There are 247 Native links for you to choose from! Updated on 11-Apr-1999 at 18:13:12 (EST) Direct comments to:
Native American Authors  - This website provides information on Native North American authors with bibliographies of their published works, biographical information, and links to online resources including interviews, online texts and tribal websites. Currently the website primarily contains information on contemporary Native American authors, although some historical authors are represented. The website will continue to expand, adding additional authors, books and web resources.
Native American Journalists Association  - Project Phoenix Native Press Archives Journalism Links Native Media Newsjobs 1433 E. Franklin Avenue, Suite 11 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 612/874-8833 (voice); 612/874-9007 (fax)
Native Americas  - Native Americas is the award-winning publication of Akwe:kon Press of the American Indian Program at Cornell University. It features articles that cover the most important and critical issues of concern to native (indigenous/aboriginal) peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere, synthesizing the many voices, perspectives and streams of information that currently permeate the communication highways. Native Americas' writers, thinkers and doers are firmly rooted in Native American community life. It is therefore a source of significant and reliable information. Many of the articles in Native Americas feature breaking news from in-depth investigative reporting.
Native Experience - A story of industrial impact on Native culture in the Arctic  - "Native Experience" is the working title for a television series about Alaskan experiences of growth and development in the oil and mineral industry viewed from a Native perspective. This series, commissioned by the Home Rule Government of Greenland and currently under production by Channel 6 Television, is the result of several years of research into Native issues in Greenland and Alaska.
Native Trail links  - Links for First Nation's groups by Canadian region.. Maritimes Québec Ontario Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia North West Territory Yukon Nunavut Nunavik
NATIVE-L Archives  - NATIVE-L (August 1993) by date
NativeNet  - dedicated to protecting and defending Mother Earth and the rights of indigenous peoples worldwide Since 1989, NativeNet has facilitated communications about the Native peoples of the world and the problems they face in attempting to survive.
NativeWeb - an Internet Community
Northern Country Arts - Iqaluit, Nunavut  - Exquisite Inuit Art from Baffin Island in Canada's new Territory, Nunavut About Northern Country Arts Evolution of Inuit Carving Our On-line Gallery Purchasing and Shipping Inuit Art Arctic Resource Page
Northern Directory  - Sites North of 60, list maintained by Nortext
Northern News Services Yellowknife Canada  - There are over 4,500 stories in the NNSL archives and they are keyword searchable. This chain of community newspapers covers much of the Canadian Arctic.
Nunanet Worldwide Communications  - (the ISP for the Eastern Canadian Arctic) This server has a lot of information about the new Canadian territory of Nunavut. (990411 not found)
Resources for Indian Schools: Canada First Nations  - CANADIAN FIRST NATIONS Native and Inuit InterNet Resources HAS MOVED TO: Reorganized (and expanded); pages load faster now. Update links and bookmarks! Last Updated: Sunday, January 21, 1996 - 10:07:04 AM
Siksik  -  NWT Distance Learning Centre | College | School | Adult Learning | Government Office | Cultural Centre | Public Library | Day Care Centre | Career Centre | Site Support
SUNSHINE Music - ABORIGINAL  - A commercial site for CDs
SUPPORT INDIGENOUS SOVEREIGNTY!  - HISTORICAL OVERVIEW Colonialism and indigenous resistance THE BIGGER PICTURE Neo-colonialism and the international corporate agenda RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS Exposing the torture and abuse that was part of the campaign to assimilate and/or destroy native children VOICES OF RESISTANCE Native sovereigntists writing and speaking from the front-lines SOVEREIGNTIST NATIONS / STRUGGLES
Taqramiut Nipingat Incorporated  - TNI is the radio and television network of Arctic Quebec (Nunavik). Our mandate is to provide communication services to the Inuit of northern Quebec (Nunavik) to strengthen the Inuktitut language and to promote traditional and contemporary culture.
Television Northern Canada / Aboriginal People's Television Network  - Canada's Aboriginal TV Network with programming in several languages... TVNC can be seen from the High Arctic to south of the Bahamas on Anik E1, transponder 10.
The America's First Peoples  - A set of links that have suffered due to lack of updates...
World Wide Web Virtual Library: INDIGENOUS STUDIES  - The World Wide Web Virtual Library: INDIGENOUS STUDIES [Updated 29 June 1998] The Center For World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) is pleased to play a role in the development of the World Wide Web Virtual Library. The Indigenous Studies Virtual Library provides links to: General Indigenous Studies Resources Indigenous Resources for Africa Indigenous Resources for Asia and the Middle East Indigenous Resources for Central & South America Indigenous Resources for Europe Indigenous Resources for the Pacific Other Useful Resources
UNATVHOME  - Could not locate remote server
Wawatay Native Communications Society  - EMAIL OFFICES Head Office: P.O. Box 1180 Sioux Lookout, Ontario P8T 1B7 Phone (807) 737-2951 Fax (807) 737-3224 Cree Production Centre: P.O. Box 188 Moose Factory, Ontario P0L 1W0 Phone (705) 658-4556 Fax (705) 658-48
Inuvik & North of 60
Alaska Search Engine : Canada Search Engine [ALCANSEEK.COM]  - A listing of Alaskan & Canadian Sites
Arctic - Kivgiq 1999 - The Messenger's Feast - Barrow, Alaska  - "Carrying Our Traditions Into the New Century" The Story of Kivgiq Student Impressions of Kivgiq an Inupiat / Inuvialuit festival
Arctic Dawn -- The Journeys of Samuel Hearne  - Welcome to the edge of "civilization," 1768. Your guide is beckoning, the day is crisp and clear, and vast, unknown lands stretch beyond the horizon... the school in Inuvik is named after Samuel Hearne
Aurora Campus - Inuvik, NT  - One of those "all image", "no text" frontdoors....
Aurora College Programs for 1998-1999...  - Aurora College  Aurora Campus in conjuction with Education, Culture and Employment, Inuvialuit & Gwich'in Aboriginal Management Boards are pleased to offer the following Programs for 1998/1999 ... but the link at the bottom of this poorly maintained page says... "... E-mail the Aurora Campus Registrar: Complete registration packages are available to you at any of these sites. Deadline for applications for most programs is June 30, 1997. APPLY NOW. SPACE IS LIMITED! ..."
Aurora Research Institute - Home Page  - With headquarters located in Inuvik, Northwest Territories (NWT), Canada, the Aurora Research Institute (ARI) has a mandate to improve the quality of life in the western region of the Northwest Territories by applying scientific, technological and indigenous knowledge to solve northern problems. 
Barrow Cable TV Homepage  - Visitors MUST download images to read this page.
Canadian Cable in the Classroom  - This is the online companion for Cable in the Classroom, an initiative by Canada's cable companies and programming services to provide copyright-cleared, commercial-free, educational television programming for Canadian schools. InuvikTV claims to participate in this program
CBC North Real Audio Links  - Any questions about the CBC North RealAudio service? Contact:
CBC North Overview Radio & TV RealAudio Inuvik Live
Delta Voices  - Not found on server
Finto-- A Warm Welcome in the Arctic  - They have a Chinese owner and the lady sets a good meal.. says I who's eaten in Beijing.... The Finto is right next door to the Inuvialuit Communications Society broadcast studios.
GNWT - RWED - Business Incentive Policy  - Another non-text frontdoor ... Last Updated March 31, 1999 Send technical questions to WebMaster Copyright © 1997 Government of the Northwest Territories
Great Northern Arts Festival 1999  - The Great Northern Arts Festival is a celebration of the diverse cultures and art forms of the North; the premiere artistic and cultural event in Northern Canada. Over 90 artists and 40 entertainers from across the North join us under the midnight sun at the Great Northern Arts Festival. Artists from all Northern cultures: Inuvialuit, Gwich'in, Dene, Inuit, Athapaskan, Metis, and Non-Aboriginal
Gwich'in Graphics Services  - Gwich'in Graphics is a communications company specializing in graphic design and illustration, computer technical services, writing and editing. We are responsible for this website and sites for Western Arctic Trade and Tourism, Delta Voices news, the Great Northern Arts Festival, the Gwich'in Tribal Council, Gwich'in Land Claims, and Gwich'in Development Corporation. To see examples of our work, follow the links at left. To contact us, click here to e-mail us, phone (867) 777-2705, fax (867) 777-3090, or drop into our offices in the Alex Moses Greenland building in Inuvik, NT.
CBC Western Arctic - Inuvik Programing Information  - CBC Western Arctic - Inuvik CBC Western Arctic's region includes those communities in the extreme northwest corner of the Northwest Territories. It also includes communities along the northern stretch of the Mackenzie River and on Victoria Island. CBC has provided a radio service to this area since 1960. Fourteen communities make up the Western Arctic region. Each week listeners can receive approximately 48 hours of locally produced programs, including about 17 hours of aboriginal language production in Gwich'in and Inuvialuktun.
Hudson's Bay Company Archives  - Welcome to the website of one of Canada's national treasures, the Hudson's Bay Company Archives (HBCA). The HBCA offers a wealth of information on the human and natural history of western and northern Canada and the western USA. Whether you are an historian, genealogist, ethnologist, environmental scientist or land claims researcher, the HBCA may be able to help. Founded in 1670, the Hudson's Bay Company's (HBC) chief interests for its first two centuries were the fur trade, exploration and settlement.
Iñupiaq History, Language and Culture ihlc home page  - Front door's over graphic... North Slope Borough Department of Planning and Community Services Barrow, Alaska Mission Statement North Slope Borough Commission on Iñupiaq History, Language and Culture The mission of the Iñupiat History, Language and Culture (IHLC) division is to document, preserve, and perpetuate the history, language and culture of the North Slope region and to ensure that cultural issues are given appropriate consideration during the planning process. IHLC’s actions help fulfill the borough’s founding commitment to its Iñupiaq heritage and to protect cultural and subsistence resources for all residents of the North Slope .
Inuit Communications Systems Limited  - Nunavut's premier production company - Linking remote communities (also distributes professional broadcast video equipment..) Offices in Ottawa Ontario and Iqualuit, Nunavut
Inuvialuit - the longer Version CMC  - The Inuvialuit (in detail) by David Morrison Curator of N.W.T. Archaeology (District of Mackenzie) Canadian Museum of Civilization ..... a text / image folder of information about the Western Arctic.... there are two versions of this on-line... this slightly longer one... and the shorter version... they tell the story of an archeological expedition in the delta region...
Inuvialuit - the shorter Version CMC  - The Inuvialuit (briefly) by David Morrison Curator of N.W.T. Archaeology (District of Mackenzie) Canadian Museum of Civilization
Inuvialuit Communications Society (ICS)  - WHO ARE WE AND WHAT IS OUR VISION OR MANDATE? "To improve communications for the benefit of the Inuvialuit within the Western Arctic through the print and electronic media, in written or spoken word, in the languages of Inuvialuktun and English." This is the ICS page on the TVNC / APTN website... as of 990411 ICS does not have it's own homepages...
Inuvialuit Corporate Group Home Page  - Welcome and thank you for visiting the home page of The Inuvialuit Corporate Group. The Corporate Group is based in Inuvik, in Canada's Northwest Territories. It is a 100% aboriginally-controlled entity, comprised of over 20 affiliates, operating in six major sectors. Please follow the link of most interest to you and enjoy your travels! lease feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.
InuvikTV Cable TV Ltd.  - My ISP & cablesystem monopoly in Inuvik Cable TV Services Since 1990 Inuvik TV has provided access to cable television services for the residents of Inuvik. From our satellite downlink facilities we distribute network programming to over 1400 homes, schools and businesses throughout the community. 
Inuvik Centennial Library - Title Page  - Not open as of this date...
Inuvik Drum (well, sort of...)  - Serving the communities of Aklavik, Fort McPherson Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk and Arctic Red River Northern News Services is proud to present this online version of its various publications. And we welcome any suggestions you might have to make your browsing experience better. Really just a page on the NNSL server in Yellowknife from whence one may do keyword searches of the full NNSL publications on-line archive. Does not even tell you that The Drum's Editor's e-mail address is
Inuvik Home Town Page  - Your guide to work, play and travel in the Inuvik region, in the northwest corner of Canada's Northwest Territories. Updated March 26, 1999  Community Information Online
Inuvik Home Town GuestBook  - Read messages from around the world to Inuvik and leave your own... to Inuvik
Links River, North of Sixty  - Welcome to Links River, North of Sixty, the site that celebrates Internet life in the Northwest Territories in northern Canada! This site is the permanent home for LINKS TO EVERY WEB SITE IN THE NORTHWEST TERRITORIES! Please remember, this site is being continually updated, so if you would like to find out something on the north that you do not see here, let me know, and I will try to find it for you. Or, if you know of a link that is not listed, let me know. Before you leave, don't forget to drop a line in our guestbook to say hello. Enjoy! Frederick A. Lepine Flying Colors Design 25 Caribou Crescent Hay River, NWT CANADA X0E 0R8 Phone: (403) 874-6008 Fax: (403) 874-2648
InuvikTV's Local Ads  - This is the directory of the .gif's and .jpg's that InuvikTV is currently running as its community advertising for (at this time) $5 perday...
May Delta Voices  - The occasional publication of Gwich'in Graphics, a communications company specializing in graphic design and illustration, computer technical services, writing and editing. We are responsible for this website and sites for Western Arctic Trade and Tourism, Delta Voices news, the Great Northern Arts Festival, the Gwich'in Tribal Council, Gwich'in Land Claims, and Gwich'in Development Corporation.
Mildred Hall School Yellowknife NWT  -  Mildred Hall School is Yellowknife's oldest school tracing its origins back to Yellowknife Public School in the early 1940's. Mildred Hall was the first teacher in town. She taught all the miners' and settlers' children in a tiny one room log building which sits on the lot of MHS today. Today's Mildred Hall School houses Kindergarten to grade 8 with a full range of subject areas and modern facilities.
North: Landscape of the Imagination / Le Nord: paysage imaginaire  - National Library of Canada THE CANADIAN NORTH: harsh and forbidding, beautiful and sustaining; a homeland for the indigenous people who have created an extraordinary art from its rugged landscape; a frontier for Southerners who define themselves against its presence. From the early days of the Pre-Dorset and Dorset people who moved across the Arctic in the first millennium B.C., Northerners have left a record of their art. We know little of these early people, but we can admire the beautiful ivory carvings they left behind. And we can still respond to the legends the Inuit have told about the Tuniit (only later named the Dorset, for Cape Dorset the site of the first archaeological artifacts recognized to be from a separate culture).
NorthwesTel: Globe Links Page  - Seeing as who's site this is... this should be a better page... but a couple of gems here... on Greenland... "... We've got it all, right here in the North. Beautiful land, great people and now, links to local government and businesses. And if you feel like reaching out further, we'll hook you up to some of the coolest, most interesting sites on the World Wide Web, all with the click of your mouse. ..."
NorthwesTel: Regions  - Just a link to the two regions... so it will soon be updated (one hopes) to add Nunavut.."... Welcome to The Great Webbed North. And we're not talking duck feet, either! It's our plan to link-up as many regions served by Northwest Tel as possible, just as quickly as we can. Each region will have its own voice in The North Star, featuring its own distinctive news stories, local characters, local flavour and local people who are making the news. Click here to enjoy our Whitehorse or Yellowknife regional sections..."
NorthwesTel: The Reporter - File Your Story  - Looks like someone had to allow "...public access ..." and this apparently un-used and un-known "...feature..." of NorthwestTel's internet services in the North goes on?
Nunamiut of Alaska: Simon Paneak Museum  - An interesting site to explore... especially good for school kids...
Nunavik.Net  - The VERY hard to get off the ground internet service for Nunavik (Arctic Quebec) "... Nunavik.Net is a freenet provider offering Internet connections to people living in the Nunavik region of Quebec. Our goal is to give fast and reliable Internet access to all  northern communities of the province..."
NWT Explorers' Guide  - A Government of the NWT Tourism site... not a bad design... a couple of nice small .gif maps...
NWT Highway Map  - From the Explorer's Guide... the map of the NWT highways system... including, of course, the Dempster up to Inuvik... the Road's End... to North America...
InuvikTV - Resources about Inuvik  - InuvikTV's list of local links... and about the region
Sympatico NWT homepage  - This proports to be the Sympatico NWT homepage... yeah... sure....
Slave River Journal Interactive  - News Opinion, Back Issues
Up here magazine  - Just a way to contact the print version... "... Every two months, thousands of people journey into the diverse and beautiful corners of Canada's North with Up Here magazine. Don't miss your chance to explore this land, meet its people and enjoy their culture, history and lifestyles..."
Web links on the Circumpolar Arctic, Arctic Native Peoples, and Environment  - A great LONG list of annotated links ....
Western Arctic Map  - An Explore's Giude map of the Delat Region of the MacKenzie River... around Inuvik
Whitehorse ADSL NWTEL Home Page  - For more information visit Northwestel's authorized Sympatico High Speed dealer: GL Electronics 208 Strickland Street Whitehorse, Yukon Phone: (867) 633-7613 GL Electronics To contact NorthwesTel about ADSL lines, email adsl@nwte
Whitehorse Herald NWTEL  - Looks like another "...local access..." commitment
Yellowknife Gazette NWTEL
Yukon News (A real Northern publication)  - Welcome to the official site of Yukon's leading source of news & information. For Your Information... Published Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays by Media North Ltd. 211 Wood Street Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Y1A 2E4 Telephone: (867) 667-6285 - Fax: (867) 668-3755

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