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GALessard's Media Arts Bookmarks

GALessard's Media Arts Bookmarks

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Aboriginal Film & Video Arts Alliance (University of Calgary)
Alliance for Community Media
Asian Mass Communication Research & Information Centre
B Roll Online
Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists
Editor & Publisher News Page
European Journalism Centre - HomePage
European Journalism Centre Homepage
Eurpean Journalism Centre:Training Facilities
Michigan Journalism Fellows
National Conference of Editorial Writers
Northern California SPJ
On the N- and F-Words: Quantifying the Taboo

PWAC: Periodical Writers Association of Canada
The Daily News Worldwide
The European Journalism Page - Index
The Freedom Forum
The Nieman Foundation
The Online Journalist: Australian Centre for Independent Journalism
The Reporters Network
United Media
University of Missouri - Pictures of the Year
Visual Communication Text Only Version (Fullerton University)
Welcome to AJR! American Journalism Review
Welcome to Photogs Lounge (emphsizes Videography)
Welcome to The Freedom Forum
Welcome to the Newseum