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! George's Inuvik clickTV | listings  - Yeah... so don't fool around with my listings... but this is the TV I can watch on my basic cable service...
+ Library of Congress Home Page
+ Metasearch engines. The best metasearch engines on the internet. Look up any subject across many search sites b
001 Inference Find! -- Server 0
001 Snap! HOME
8th Revision Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences March 1994
Alaska Search Engine : Canada Search Engine [ALCANSEEK.COM]  - A listing of Alaskan & Canadian Sites
AltaVista advanced search page
AltaVista: Main Page
BBC Advanced Search Form
CAJ - Some useful Canadian government URLs
Canada Newswire Ltd. - Keyword Search
Canada Site / Site du Canada
Canadian Broadcasters On Line
Canadian Embassies and Contact Lists - DFAIT
Canadian Museum of Civilization Search Page
Canadian WWW Central Index/Liste centrale des serveurs WWW canadiens
CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists
CBC News Online - News Search
Chatlist, The Ultimate
CNN - Search!
Contemporary Legend Research, International Society for  - A growing field of folklore research concerns the legends, rumors, and beliefs that circulate through modern media and the complex networks of modern communications. Contacts among international scholars has led to surprised recognition that stories or motifs thought to be distinctive to a given country or locality in fact were circulating simultaneously in many parts of the world. Likewise, narrative elements thought to be "modern" or "urban" have in fact turned up in historical materials dating back to ancient times.
Country-Specific Pages for Africa  - This list lives at UPenn in the US
E-mail - Tips & FAQs  - FAQs & List of e-mail Programs [page not available]
E-mail Discussion Groups  - The Internet provides thousands of discussion groups via e-mail by allowing users to place themselves on electronic mailing lists. .. an Intro to Lists and some links
E-Mail Discussion Groups and Lists - Resources  - This page is intended as a one-stop information resource about email discussion groups or "lists," as they are sometimes called.
e-mail: MEDIA (Peter Gugerell's collection of media e-mail addresses around the world)  - Not recently updated... but lots of leads to media e-mail addresses.. run by a hobbiest..
Excite Travel: Montreal, Quebec
Forum One: The Web's Search Engine / Guide to Online Discussion Forums / Message Boards  - Forum Finder: Search over 270,000 Web Forum Discussions
Four11 White Page Directory  - is what it is now... used to be:
Go Montréal! Web directory of Montréal  - Tourist Directory of Montréal
Google -->> Try Me First !  - A very interesting new (as of this update) search engine... Barney?
Government of Canada Primary Internet Site [ Canada Site ] - Contents  - Government of Canada Primary Internet Site (Canada Site) is the Internet electronic access point through which Internet users around the world can obtain information about Canada, its government and its services. Direct links are also provided from this site to government departments and agencies that have Internet facilities.
GuestFinder Guests: Authors, Experts, Spokespersons, Professional Speakers and More  - Authors, Experts, Entertainers & More...
How far is it?  -  This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them (as the crow flies). It also provides a map showing the two places, using the Xerox PARC Map Server.
Internet Searches of Jason Gurney  - If your browser supports JavaScript(tm), check out the Search Satellite -- a pop-up window that accesses 20 Internet search engines from one convenient input field.
Internet Sources for Journalists and Broadcasters  - Internet Sources for Journalists and Broadcasters Journalism Broadcasting Searching Subjects Ottawa This Site Last Updated: March 26, 1999
Ira Sterbakov's All-in-one Search & Link Page  - A great collection of Forms for Searching many different search engines... on LONG text & color page..
ITN Online search page  - .. the TV news folks that ain't the BBC over there...over that side of the pond.... "... To search the ITN Online archive, use section to choose Britain, World or Business, the number of references you want to see (up to 50) and the period you want to search for - up to a year.
Links to US Gov. Servers & Info
Links2Go: Surf the Web Sideways  - Links2Go Starting Points .. A large links box...
List archives at LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU  - North Dakota Higher Education Computer Network LISTSERV From this page you can browse the online archives of the following mailing lists..... most academic... but lots of them...
List of Lists Search Site  - Search The List of Lists Search one of the largest directories of special interest group e-mail lists (also known as listservs) available on the Internet. To submit updates for the description of an existing mailing lists or to add a new entry for the list, use my list submission form.
Liszt, the mailing list directory  - Search Liszt's main directory of 90,095 mailing lists....
Lycos Home Page  - Don't forget Get Lycos in: Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Japan
Magellan!  - Just another like the others....
Mailing List Directory from America Online  - The requested URL was not found on this server.
Mailing Lists, Publically Accessable  - The List of Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists was the brainchild of Chuq von Rospach (a truly great and wonderful net.guy) who started it up circa 1981. He kept it up about 2 years before passing it to Gene Spafford (another nifty net.guy). Spaf maintained it until sometime in 1991, when it became of an unwieldy size and/or he got too busy to pay enough attention to it. By this time I had become involved in mailing lists, running a couple of my own. After the PAML had gone on hiatus, I wrote Spaf volunteering assistance and was delighted when he offered to let take it over! Built Sun Mar 28 08:08:55 CST 1999
Mailing Lists, Publicly Accessible -- Index by Subject
Map-Related Web Sites  - Maps at Other Web Sites The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection The University of Texas at Austin Updated 3/18/99
MapQuest!  - A commercial map service with some freebies...
Mario's Cyberspace Station: THE BEST SEARCH ENGINES  - Interesting charecter... Mario is... a net original... and so are some of the search engines....
Media Tao Musings by thread archives  - Recebt postings to
MESA Meta E-mail search site  -  MESA, your Meta-Email-Search-Agent.
National Media Guide  -  National Media Guide The National Press Photographers Association is pleased to announce that the National Media Guide for Emergency & Disaster Incidents is now available from NPPA Headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. This 90-page guidebook, ... - size 7.3K
New York Times Personal Search Page  - If you do not have a NYT cookie on your computer... you will have to signup or login but here you can set 4 keywords to be the basis of a preset deail search of the NYT... nifty... I have one... so far...
NEW-LIST - Home  - Beginning July 1, 1998, the NEW-LIST mailing list was brought under the umbrella of services provided by the Internet Scout Project.
Newhouse Net Lists concerning journalism  - Compiled by Barbara Croll Fought, Associate Professor S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University... I'm pleased to say that mine own MediaMentor list is herein listed....
News Index  - The original News Only Search Engine
People Finder Resources. Address, Phone, E-mail and other peole locating services.  - Where Legal Research Begins On The Web. PEOPLE LOCATING RESOURCES If You Really Want To Find Someone....
Phrase Finder - a phrases thesaurus  - The Phrase Finder is a large collection of English phrases and sayings.
Power Reporting Resources for Journalists  - "It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers." James Thurber
Prices's List of Lists  - Compiled by Gary Price, MLIS Gelman Library George Washington University The Internet contains numerous lists of information. Many of these lists present information in the form of rankings of different people, organizations, companies, etc. This collection is designed to be a clearinghouse for these types of resources.
Reporter's Internet Guide (the rig site) you can dowload another excellent list of media site bookmarks here)  - RIG, the Reporter's Internet Guide, is something new - a guidebook for news professionals needing to use the Internet as a tool for daily reporting. Unlike other guides, RIG is published in HTML format so thatit runs on your home computer in any web browser.
Satellite Search  - ... another collection of search engines in one form...
SavvySearch  - Enter your query in the form above to metasearch the major search engines and guides, or select one of the specialized metasearch / metashop categories
Search Engine Watch: News, Tips and More About Search Engines  - There are engines here... but this is more a site to help you learn about search engines...
Search Page @ Montreal Internet Club  - Used to be a good search page for Montreal... now another collection... is the parent page of this Club Internet De Montréal page
Sources - Canada's Information Service for Journalists & Researchers  - SOURCES SELECT Online (SSO) serves journalists and others with serious information needs. SSO features the Sources directory -- 5,000 contacts from more than 1,000 organizations and companies offering expertise and views on over 12,000 subjects -- plus Parliamentary Names & Numbers; Connexions, a database of social and environmental alternatives; Embassy Row; and links to other databases and quality information sites.
The Argus Clearinghouse  - A very good list of internet guides..
The Research Site  - he Spire Project.This is the subject guide for Information Research. Prepared by an information professional, released in html, shareware, mirror sites and FAQ, the spire project has become the most detailed source for research guidance to be found on the Internet. It is content rich, cohesive and verified monthly. Presented as a collection of articles, each article delves into the research process, drawing your attention to relevant resources & references (only some found online). Start by asking "Where will I find my answers?"
The Montre@l Page - The directory of Montreal web sites  - Last update : April 03 1999
The WWW Virtual Library: International Development Co-operation  - I have maintained this site for several years now and I am no longer able to continue doing so. This site needs a new maintainer! Please let me know if you have any interest in doing so. Site last updated on March 26, 1999 search  -  Lyris.Net hosts the following free email lists for your enjoyment and information. Join as many as you like, it's free!
UNESCO Website Search  - Search UNESCO document website  - Search UNESCOPRESS On-line
US Government & Media e-mail addresses  - The Electronic Activist is a service of the Institute for First Amendment Studies, a 501(c)(3) research and educational organization focusing on the separation of church and state. Our database currently contains contact information for U.S. senators and representatives, governors, and some state legislatures.
Usenet Groups  - Some Selected Newsgroups of Interest to Journalists and Broadcasters
Virtual Library: Journalism (  - Information in the WWW Virtual Library is set up by subject. Journalism is arranged alphabetically in ten (10) Sections. I started this collection in June 1995. WWWVL: Journalism covers Broadcasting, Media, Communications and News.
Visa International  - Yeah... it the credit card folks... but they have some interesting travel links... Search  -  Use this form to find Washington Post stories from the past two weeks. Searches and story retrieval on this page are free. (sm) - The Webmaster's Reference Library  - A reference for the web at heart.....
Welcome to TV Net!  - New site... same boob tube....
Whole Internet Catalog Select Home Page  - ...gone to unforwarded digital heaven... do a search.... they must be around somewhere...
Yahoo! Canada  - Yahoo! eh?

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