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Some of Georges' References and Comments from some Colleagues

If you have any problems getting in touch with any of my referees... please let me know and I'll help out...

Other comments about some of my online work can be found at

Ms Deby Nash,

I'm in regular communication with Ms Nash, she is a former lecturer in creative writing & English at the College of the Bahamas.

84 McKeen Street Fredericton, N.B. E3A 2P8 Canada

Telephone: (506) 472-7015

E-MAIL: debynash AT hotmail DOT com

Mr.Alex Dukay,

is a colleague with whom I have worked on several occasion since we met in the early 1970's. Mr Dukay has worked under contract as a stills photographer for one of Canada's foremost television and film production companies, Alliance Entertainment, on projects such as "E.N.G," "Night Heat" & John Woo's "Once a Theif".

Apt. 1201 141 Lyon Court, Toronto, Ontario M6B 3H2

Vox & Fax: 416-782-5971

E-MAIL: alexdukay AT rogers DOT com

Pamela Mulderigg-Ireland,

Is still a teacher with the Chateauguay Valley Protestant School Board who's been there since we met there in the early 70's.

General Delivery, Dewittville, Quebec, Canada, J0S 1C0

Vox (450) 827-2997

Mr. Peter Crass

My former supervisor at Taqramiut Nipingat Inc. and is now the Program Manager at the Aboriginal Film and TV Production Training Program of Capilano College in B.C.

Tel: 604.990.7904

FAX: 604.990.7867

E-mail: pcrass AT capcollege DOT bc DOT ca

Mike McVeigh,

a former Senior Instructor, Journalism Pgm., Arctic College Inuvik - Currently teaching Journalism at Canadore College at North Bay, Ontario;

145 Willingdon Drive, North Bay, Ontario, Canada, P1C 1G4

PHONE H(705) 472-9350 W(705)474-1371 or 474-7600

Grace Xu Fang,

(Former editor at the China Daily group of publications)

Social science reference instruction librarian
Sociology - Women's Studies bibliographer

Norlin Library N257J
University of Colorado, Boulder
Campus Box 184
Boulder, CO 80309
United States of America

Phone: (303) 492-0682

E-mail: muf301 AT yahoo DOT com


All the quotes listed below are from letters of reference written soon after each posting ended.... photocopies of the letters are available upon request....

...quotes from some of the administration & staff of The College of the Bahamas...
".....regarding the important community work in which you have been involved during your time at The College. The is impressive and your are to be commended for these worthwhile causes....thank you for the part you have played in helping us to advance the work of The College."

Dr. Keva M. Bethel, Principal, The College Of The Bahamas

"...your performance (teaching) photography and video production was of a high standard."

Dr Eleanor Thompson, Vice Principal, The College of the Bahamas

" (I was).....impressed with George's high standards of professionalism and ethics ... proven to be highly competent ...well liked and highly regarded by his students ... maintains very congenial relationships..."

James Donovan,M.A. Ed. Media Admin. Media Specialist, Media Dept., The College of the Bahamas

...quotes from his "...clients..." at Vanier College, Montreal...

" I have been asked by Ronald Blumer, teacher of Cinema and Robert DelTredici, teacher of Photography and Cinema, to write a testimonial in favour of Mr. Lessard's professional performance. .....(they)... have found him to be cooperative and enthusiastic in his work and extremely competent technically. ...Mr. Lessard has made a special effort to encourage students in ....television coverage of school events....In summary, they have found Mr. Lessard's work not only satisfactory but also creative and student feedback about the performance of his duties positive."

Paul Langdon, Coordinator, Creative Arts Program, Vanier College

"...I have known George for the last year and a half in my capacity as Assistant to the Principal of the Snowdon Campus.....George organized the media resources of the campus in a way that promoted student participation in the learning process.... George coordinated the media resources in an efficient and professional manner....because of my occasional experience of working with George, I recommend that George be favorably considered by you in his job application."

Richard Hanley,Assistant to the Principal, Snowdon Campus, Vanier College

"....(George)...has always demonstrated a conscientious and serious approach to his responsibilities...His efforts on our behalf include...taping dance class projects...a major composite on movement and rhythm...martial arts demonstrations ... The Physical Education Department is most grateful for his time efforts, and interest."

Lloyd Elder, Betty Gelinas, Francois Gelinas, Lillian Honey, Tsutomu Ishiyama, Ron Perowne, Nancy Staples, Allan Stefanic, and Margaret Thompson of The Physical Education Department, Snowdon Campus, Vanier College

"...his assistance has been outstanding. To be more precise, George has been available for his expertise. He has provided technical information on several occasions. Moreover, he has even gone out of his way to supply assistance...I have been most grateful for this help."

Roger N. Buckley, Ph.D., History, Social Science Program, Snowdon Campus, Vanier College

"....George Lessard has been of valuable assistance to the Social Animation Department at Snowdon Campus with several projects....From planning to completion, George helped us with photography, scripting, editing....On many other occasions he has led the crews which have video-taped many functions, providing the leadership and necessary technical knowledge...George has been extremely cooperative when his services have been requested. As well, he often enquires about the ways in which he can be useful even before he is asked."

P.B. Thomson,Social Animation, Snowdon Campus, Vanier College

"...In the past four terms.... George Lessard has always been very helpful and understanding and I have been very happy with his collaboration...."

Joel Richard, Modern Languages Program, Snowdon Campus, Vanier College

...quotes from "..clients.." at the Chateauguay Valley Regional School Board....

"Quite frankly, I have found his service in Audio Visuals to have been nothing less than excellent .... I strongly feel that Mr. Lessard would be an asset to any staff he joined."

Jack Petrille Jr.,Teacher, Chateauguay Valley Regional High School

" His professional knowledge and his expert guidance have helped me out of many difficult situations...It is with pleasure that I recommend George for any employment in his chosen field. His pleasant personality and his dedication are a precious asset to any employer."

Mr. Louis Fortier, Teacher, Chateauguay Valley Regional High School

"... I have found him to be truly professional in the finest sense of the word. He is hard-working, considerate and highly knowledgeable in his field. He has always been ready to help others willingly even at the cost of his own convenience and comfort and strikes me as being a worker who is both highly competent and highly co-operative. I recommend his services to any who would consider employing him."

J.N. Lawrence Don-Elysen, B.A., B.Ped., Th.M. Director of Drama, Head of the Protestant Section of the Department of Moral & Religious Instruction, Chateauguay Valley Regional High School

"... what I value most from my (two years) experience with Mr. George Lessard is his enthusiasm and his readiness to service the "..clients.."' needs..."

Sister Mary Spicer, C.N.D. Teacher, Chateauguay Valley Regional High School

" We have been associated with Mr. Lessard on a professional basis for the past two years. During this time, we have found him to be a cooperative, competent and very willing worker."

C. Snowdon, Director; M. Coulombe & D. Salter, Teachers, Business Education Department Chateauguay Valley Regional High School

" I have had the pleasure of working very closely with George Lessard during the past two years. George proved to be a competent and hard working A/V Coordinator. He was always obliging when asked to do any out-of-the ordinary A/V projects....He was well liked by my "..clients.." with whom he worked individually... I recommend George to any school fortunate enough to employ him."

W.D. VanBalkom, Teacher, Chateauguay Valley Regional High School


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you shouldn't be teaching anything. . . .

Other comments about some of my online work can be found at