Baygen Freeplay Wind-up Radio

The award winning Baygen wind-up radio has grabbed
quite a few headlines around the world in the last
few months and has also been the talking point in
many Internet and shortwave circles.

Powered by a generator driven by a replaceable spring 
that's good for over 6,500 hours 
(that's 6 years at 3 hours of listening a day), 
With a black robust case and both an internal ferrite 
and an external extendable antennas, 
the radio covers 
FM (in mono) 
Shortwave frequencies.
Technical performance is to a high standard and the 
radio produces plenty of volume.

When you switch the set off the clockwork mechanism
slows down but doesn't stop completely.

Radio Netherlands reviews the Baygen Freeplay Radio

"The verdict: Baygen has lived up to the hype."

With financial backing from the British Overseas Development
Administration, Liberty Life Foundation, the Kagiso
Trust, 60% of the staff at the Montague Gardens plant have
been drawn from six organisations for the disabled.

Every BayGen Radio sold by Anacapa Inc. subsidises free radios
to charities in Canada and overseas, e.g. War Child for projects
they run in developing countries for distance learning,
health information etc.

The BayGen Radio has received enthusiastic support

To operate the radio you first wind the spring. A
handle unclips on the side of the set, you turn the
handle about 60 times (that's less than 20 seconds) and
you'll get approximately 30 minutes playing time of
your favourite AM/FM/Shortwave station before a rewind
is needed. The BayGen FreePlay Wind-Up Radio is ideal
for emergency use, cottages, boats, camping,
teenagers, hunters,  remote areas or anywhere
disposing of the old  scrap batteries is an environmental
or handling problem. The Baygen Radio will pay for itself in
just over a year with the savings on batteries.

                       BAYGEN FREEPLAY RADIO
The Freeplayr radio is manufactured in South Africa by
BayGen PowerCompany (Pty) Ltd., and is available for sale
in Canada through Anacapa Inc.

DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT PACKAGED (Each Radio IndividuallyBoxed):
               Length 15 3/4"
               Height 12 1/2"
               Depth 8"
               Weight 6 3/4 lbs
Subject to confirmation of price and availability at time of order.
Price: Cdn $139.00 per unit + S&H and appropriate taxes
including jack to receive AC adapter.

1.Phone: (905) 885-9624 Fax: (905)885-0040

Anacapa Inc.
107 Dorset St. W.
Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. L1A 1G4

3.Email : anacapa@

or use our easy to submit form :

4. Go to the Webpage

Available for volumes call Anacapa Inc.:(905) 885-9624.

Baygen South Africa & Baygen European distributor

who also supply low power radio transmitters

Baygen clockwork radio 

British inventor Trevor Baylis has set up
production of his innovative clockwork radio in
South Africa. This is the basic specification:
Wavebands: AM, FM and SW. 
Playing time on one full wind: 40 minutes.
Winding up: 60 turns (approximately 20 seconds)
Dimensions: 40 x 32 x 18cm.
Weight (boxed): 3Kg.
This really looks to be a good radio for developing countries, particularly in the more remote regions where batteries are hard to come by.
Technical performance is to a high standard and the radio produces
plenty of volume.
The trouble is the price.
When the product was first announced at the end of 1995 the
manufacturers confidently predicted a price of $20 US for this radio.

They have been selling them in Europe and America for a higher price on the basis that they were subsidizing sales to development projects in poorer countries. However when I asked for a quotation for 500 radios to be sent to an international aid project in Haiti the US agents quoted a price of more than $60 each. I do not suggest for one moment that they are trying to make an excess profit out of development agencies; I think this is a sincere company with good motives. The fact remains that they have burnt their fingers by quoting lower prices than they could actually sustain. It is an easy mistake to make. They wanted to produce a good quality, well-engineered radio. They could not do it at the price. Perhaps they should make a smaller model at a lower cost.

For further information contact:

Baygen Power Company (PTY) Ltd.
89 St. Patrick Road
Houghton, Johannesburg 2198
South Africa

The European distributors of the FREEPLAY Radio are:

BayGen Power Europe Ltd.
Claverton House
Longwood Court
Love Lane
01285-659559 tel
01285-659550 fax

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