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Links to my Resume Pages and ............. Some Other Selected Sites

Georges's Condensed Biography
A few highlights from over 25 years of learning, creating and teaching media......
Samples of Georges's Photography
Some of the thousands of pictures in George's porfolio......
My panoramic images
My YouTube video art
My Photo Illustrations
My Public Bookmarks
Some of Georges' Work Experience.....
The longer term work experience (Not the Freelance stuff)
Some of Georges' Production Credits...
Here's the freelance, short term contract stuff that got broadcast somewhere....
Georges' Video Festival Participation
Here's the WorldWide Exhibition of the AWARD WINNING videos
Some of Georges' References
Referees and Some Comments from Former Collegues about my Work....
Dawson College
Where I first studied journalism, photography, radio & video.....
The Banff Centre (watch out for the elk when you go outside, the Centre's in the National Park..
Where I studied Advanced TV and Digital Imagery
The Inuvialuit Communications Society, Inuvik, NWT, Canada (90 miles from the Beaufort Sea
This is the Native Communications Society that I worked with in Inuvik, 90 miles from the Arctic Ocean, at the MacKenzie River Delta...where one finds the northern end of the roads in North America..
Video Inn Studios, Vancouver, B.C.Canada
A resource centre for art video production, their site is full of useful information. This is where I presented one of my Aniputer Digital Animation workshops during my first North American tour......
The Links page... included are many links to community, alternative, access media & craft sites. Also some India, Frist Nations, Caribbean & China sites.
A Death in the Dispensary by Dr A V Ramani
This is for my friends who ask me what it was like to live in Orissa India.... Ramani was at the NGO where I worked...
Some "Quotes" from my .sig file
Some folks have asked me for copies of the quotes that show up in my e-mail signature... here they are.. Enjoy!
Electronic News Gathering...
This is the course I taught at the College of the Bahamas
I also taught this course at the College of the Bahamas
A Radio Production Course.....
I started in radio.. it was my first media-love, been teaching it on and off since the early 1970s
The Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY USA
The Visual Studies Workshop is an internationally recognized center for media studies, including photography, visual books, electronic imaging and film. I was an Aritst-in-residence here for a month.
Native Communications Societies from the Ungava region of Quebec...
Inuit and Cree Radio & TV Community Broadcasters: Nunavik, Arctic Quebec, Canada
Workshops & Residencies
Some of the workshops I've given and residencies I've been awarded. Includes links to the organizations that have a webpage.
: : : welcome : : : :InterAccess
: : : : : : :InterAccess is Toronto's only electronic media arts centre with regular seminars and workshops on art and technology. I was invited to present a workshop here.
The Lessard Family .....
.... my family... and The Lessard Family Site
VIDEO POOL, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Video Pool Inc. is a non-profit charitable, Artist-Run Centre dedicated to independent video, audio and computer integrated multimedia production. I've also given a workshop there.
The promo page for my award winning video..... this is available on my demo tape.
Within 30 years of meeting Columbus, all the Lucayans died out. This is the video of the performance that took place at the Residence of the Governor General of the Bahamas in Nassau...... in 1992.
Interpersonal Communications
This is the outline of the course that I taught at the College of the Bahamas
A page of....
.... titles from my professional library.
An interesting story about television....
.... from the Globe and Mail.
Ever try to get a Letter to the Editor published? ....
.... read this letter and learn how to attract the editor's attention & get published.
The BayGen Freeplay Wind-up Radio....
...that's right... no AC, no batteries, no fragile solar cells... tunes in shortwave, AM and FM signals...
George Lessard CONTACT PAGE...
......... by e-mail or to subscribe to his e-mail list
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