"LUCAYA REVISITED" ............................... CANDLELIGHT VIGIL

Within 30 years of meeting Columbus, all the Lucayans died out.

With the largely Eurocentric celebration of the voyage of Columbus, a group of concerned Bahamian citizens invited Arawak speaking people from Central & South America to revisit the homelands of their ancestors, the gentle Lucayans who welcomed the conquistadors so long ago.

The Candlelight Vigil took place under the patronage of Their Excellencies, Sir Clifford Darling, Governor General of the Bahamas and Lady Darling, on the grounds of their residence, Government House, Nassau, Bahamas.

The theme is: Remembrance, Commemoration, Healing and Reconciliation in preparation for present and future generations. The Lucaya Revisited Vigil symbolizes the transformation from anger, grief and pain to the acknowledgement of all human beings relating to each other with greater respect and understanding.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A LUCAYAN " THE MARRIAGE " Dance conceived & choreographed by Jonette Pociota Original musical compositions by Esau McKenzie Performed by FRESH ROOTS THEATER COMPANY with (in alphabetical order) Candia Dames, Alphanique Duncombe, Datus Farrington, Aniska Forbes, Natasha Forbes, Felicity Humblestone, Carla Johnson, Paige Lampkin, Raphael Lloyd, Antonio Miller and Lesli Pierre.

" THE WOUNDED HEALER " Alphanique Duncombe

" BALLET JUNKANOO " Conceived & choreographed by Robert Bain Music by Rodney Q. Simpson, Meil Symonette, Robert Bain and the Saxon Superstars Performed by The National Dance Company Grade II Students featuring Lekeisha Bostwick, Anthony Ferguson and Trevor Rampsey

" OUR DARKEST HOUR " Directed by Dawn Hanna Performed by FRESH ROOTS THEATER COMPANY

" POETRY READING " Conceived and Directed by Obidiah Smith

" CLOSING MESSAGE " Written and presented by Anthony Aarons

Choral Arrangement - Arranged and conducted by Esau McKenzie

Lighting- Keva Cartwright

Performance Sound - Andrew Gardiner

Videography, digital effects & editing - George Lessard Original format S-VHS; Audio - Stereo; Total running time: 00:28:25

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