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Other Projects with NGOs & People in Other Countries.... ongoing

Come on inside and visit my homepages, perhaps we can help each other learn more about our media...

Here's the map to find your way around..... click it HERE: I've kept this page small for fast loading and there are few images on most pages of my site...
CARFAC: Canadian Artists' Representation/ Le Front des artistes canadiens: As a professional artist, George is a member CARFAC
CARO/ CARFAC Copyright Collective: Start learning to protect your rights as an artist here.
CARO/ CARFAC Minimum Fee Schedule: Showing your work somewhere? Check this site for the Canadian rates

For Journalist's, Community Access Media & NGOs with e-mail or limited WWW access only

If you are part of a community media organization in a developing country or an aboriginal / First Nations not-for-profit, I will consider posting information & your e-mail address on your own website at no cost to you. I will also help get it listed on the web search engines.
This project is, in the first instance, aimed at such NGOs without or with limited WWW (World Wide Web) access.
There are several WWW sites that let one build home pages and store those pages at no cost; listing the sites in the WWW search engines that most people use to do keyword searches is also free.
All it takes is the time to do both of the above; someone to do it ; and access to the WWW to do it with.
I have some time and I have access to the WWW to do it.
If you are interested in having a site on the WWW for your organization and which sends e-mail to your e-mail address for you, please get in touch and I will consider volunteering my time and access to building one for you, and I shall give you more information about using e-mail to search and read WWW pages.
The text that you want on the pages needs only be sent to me via e-mail.
If you can get images digitized as .gif or .jpg files, they may also be displayed on your homepages and sent as file attachments to your e-mail messages.
Total site space is approximately 12 megabytes.
Copyright and ownership of site & sight contents remains (under Canadian law) with the commissioning NGO.
To be considered for inclusion in this project and to become a commissioning NGO in this project or to get more information, please fill out the information requested below and send it to me via w-mail.
Cheers Georges

Development & Distance Education E-mail Communications Collective Digital Arts Project

Development & Distance Education
E-mail Communications Collective
Digital Arts Project


Message from the Project's Coordinating Artist:

Read Me First Sign-up & Registration Form

Greetings & Welcome to the project.

Thanks for your participation.

Participatory Categories


You do not have the WWW working for you because you have
e-mail access only.
You are a Not-for-profit NGO (non-governmental organization);
indigenous peoples' First Nations' community organization;
a community radio, TV broadcaster or other grassroots community access media organization.
You would like to have WWW homepages listed on keyword search engines so that they pop up in the surfers' keyword searches.
You will the projects commissioning partners, the project's clients.
Copyright and ownership of the site and the contents remains with you the client.

You have full web access and want to participate as a site artist building homepages for the project's clients.
You will undertake specific commissions from clients to construct homepages on the free WWW homepage hosting sites and to list them with the various search engines on the WWW.
Should you not have created a site before and wish to learn how,
the project's mentor will help you learn the basic skills.

Project Mentors
The master media artists managing & mentoring this collective creative communications effort in the digital arts.

Project Coordinating Artist
Enabling & conceptualizing artist of this collective
creative effort in the digital arts and communication.
Georges Lessard

All work of all paticipants is voluntary.
No money is to change hands with regard to this project.


To Participate in this Project
Please fill in the following application / registration form and return it to
any one of the Project Coodinating Artist's e-mail addresses.

------- Start Application / Registration Form ------------
Oragization Name; Freelance Digital Artist or Other (what)?
What type?
Not-for-profit NGO (non-governmental organization);
Indigenous peoples' First Nations' community organization;
A community radio, TV broadcaster:
Other grassroots community access media organization;
Other not-for-profit development NGO (what?)

How many hours per week can you give to this project?
Do you agree to accept commissions from the project's
clients to create & setup free websites
and to receive no payment for this work from the clients?

All Participants
Please forward any biographical and / or organizational
information and this form via e-mail to the Project Coodinating

------- End Application / Registration Form ------------

Thanks again for offering your participation.

Georges Lessard
Project Coodinating Artist

Community Communication Arts,
Training, Management & Mentoring

Knowledge may be power, but communications is the key.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

"The fool wonders, the wise man asks."
(Benjamin Disraeli)

The Internet is a work in progress.....
as is life, awareness, evolution
and one's own life...

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